Tout Electronique: Computer, electronic, audio, tv and video repairs in the Montreal area.

Custom Electronics Projects

We are receptive to our customer's specific project ideas and offer our best possible help to bring them to life. The steps are :
  • Algorithms adapted to client's idea and definition of the project in terms of theoretical and practical future realization.
  • Important databases, brought by the client or built with/for the client.
  • Complex mathematical methods to simulate and improve the functionality of the project.
  • Intensive study to implement the project in real world electronic components.
  • Intensive simulation & study in IDEs, with modern methods.
  • Prototype we finaly build as a control module with interface from/towards the peripheral components.
  • Final stage of the project at "prototype level" ready to migrate to third party large scale production at customer's decision.
  • We stand behind our product, always prepared to assist our customers in the eventuality of unexpected developments.

Sharing Our Passion: Electronics

We have the opportunity to work everyday with our passion: electronics. Therefore, we want to take advantage from your visit on our Web site to share with you some of our small projects. These simple wirings enable you to add some useful devices to your laboratory. Here is the list:
 - Staircase signal generator
 - Square wave generator
 - Adjustable power supply 12V-1.5A
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